Converting bond energy from a glucose molecule to heat / light energy… using a Gummy bear.

  • Anonymous

    In my high school chemistry class we called this the flaming dragon.

  • Dr unscience

    just skip to 2:40 for the fun.

  • Ryan

    Sooo… We waste 15% of a bottle of fuel that does a pretty decent job of making light to show how a gummi bear and some chemicals make light? All I see is waste. Where’s the MAKE?

  • Phillip Torrone

    @ryan, MAKE is more than making physical things, we have a chemistry book now (science) and this experiment shows “making” light and heat by converting bond energy from a glucose molecule.

  • jake

    Hmm…maybe it’s the terminology, but isn’t energy released because of bond formation when glucose is combusted to form CO2 etc? Bond breaking is endothermic – no energy released there. And potassium chlorate isn’t an enzyme, it’s an oxidising agent.

  • buzZubie

    @jake, yes breaking bonds is endothermic. He probably meant to say that breaking the bonds in the sugar and forming the CO2/H2O bonds here is exothermic. The main point though is that energy is converted from one form to another.