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Jim writes in with a cool upcoming class @ TechShop

Most makers love to watch combat robots fight to the death on shows like RoboGames, BattleBots, and Robot Wars.

The folks at TechShop in Menlo Park, California, are conducting a special 2-day intensive class called “Build A 60-Pound Combat Robot”. The class gives you the opportunity to build your very own fire-spewing, buzz-saw wielding combat robot with the personal help and guidance of veteran combat robot builders.

The expert instructors for this class include Matt and Wendy Maxham (Team Plumb Crazy, with robots Sewer Snake, Pipe Wench, and Devil’s Plunger), Stephen Felk (builder of robots Voltronic, Pump, Plasma), Kevin Barker (builder of robots K2, Terminal Velocity), Gary Gin builder of (robots Original Sin, The Big B), and David Calkins and Simone Davalos (they run RoboGames, the world’s biggest robot event).

The class happens Saturday September 13 and Sunday, and September 14, 2008. Up to two people can attend for each registration and work on a robot together. Registration is open now at the TechShop web site.

  • KP

    Wish I’d heard about this a little earlier so I could have planned for it and also signed up for early reg. Are the going to be future workshops also?

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