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The hammer writes in…

I got a Peek email reader tonight & took some photos… Looks really well made – I was impressed by the aluminum backbone that supports the keyboard and the screen. The insides are very simple – just a few highly integrated chips. I haven’t hooked up the micro USB cable yet… I’m sure someone will beat me to it!

  • amol sarva

    Hey guys

    We are interested to see what you come up with. We did our best to make the most of our little gadget — in the hw and sw respects. But if you have ideas please reach out to us.

    In fact…you can check out http://www.geeekypeek.com to say hello. It’s our technical blog.

    amol at getpeek dot you guessed it

  • Convictushome

    anyone have a live link for this site? I tried but open dns fails for geekypeek.com and geeekypeek.com.

  • andrew