Look at the gorgeous joins on this table by Nathan Wierink! There’s lots of other amazing work on his site, too. Via Bloesem

  • My Pet Fly

    I thought at first those were letters worked into the joins. That’d be cool, having it spell out a message.

  • Curious

    Is there a reason you’re using the word join instead of joint (as in dovetail join, box joint, …)? Not being picky, just wondering if this is one of those Maker-speak, language hack, confuse the old guys thing.

  • Patti Schiendelman

    I’ve heard it both ways. I picked up “joins” when I took woodshop in college – I’m sure that teacher is an old guy now. Not new-fangled Maker-speak as far as I know. :)

    (I thought those were letters, too, the first time I saw them – that would be cool!)

  • gear head

    Beautiful work.. and yeah the title’s wrong, it should be joint.

  • luxmaster

    Looks great, lots of patience needed.

    I’ve been watching Tommy’s podcast he shows off how to do basic dove tails at:

  • ToddV

    For full disclosure I will admit I don’t cut DTs by hand (I use a router and jig) and have a CNC router in my shop.

    The problem with CNC router joints (in my opinion) is the radius if the cutter leaves them all looking bubbly. Perhaps I like the traditional dovetails or box joints too much.