Stax  Loveseat
Incredible gallery of furniture made from skateboards – to gawk at or to remake…thanks JohnA!

11 Pieces of Skateboard Furniture by Skate Study House, J Ryde Visuals and the Skateboard Stool. Broken skateboards are a byproduct of our culture usually destined for the landfill. The deckstool recycles this waste into a unique, high quality piece of furniture. The scrapes and scars on the decks create beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork.

  • Anonymous

    Because regular lumber just isn’t expensive enough.

  • Craig,

    Now only if there was somethin productive to be done with those useless things that usually are atop a skateboard. (no, youtube and jackass snippets are not productive)

  • Vamos

    get a hobby (like those guys atop of the boards)

    I love the top design. At first I was scared the black topping was griptape haha