Legov8 Big

Another impressive LEGO build, nice illuminated accents –

Real working (electronic) V8 engine made from Lego Technic. This is not a Lego set, but I completely designed and build it myself. It took me about 4/5 months. Enjoy!

More pics of the build avaible on Brickshelf Gallery. [via Hacked Gadgets]

Make Pt0663
1440 rpms v8 LEGO engine


    That’s amazing.

    It’s NOT a kit, but it should be!

  • Brandon

    Oh man that is one beautiful creation. Too bad there are no instructions for it.

    Heh, I dare you to touch the fan with something while its at full speed. that would be quite the explosion. :D

  • vivi

    It’s not really working, unfortunately. There’s an electric motor driving it. On the other hand, the second motor in the post seems to be an actual V8 engine powered by compressed air.