Hmmm I wonder if compressed air is a greener way for you to run your Haunted House than electric? And if your burning coal to run your Haunted House then…well your insane. Anyway check out this basic primer on how to convert your Haunted Garage or Haunted Attraction from electric to compressed air.

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  • Anonymous

    What powers the compressor?

  • Toaste

    The first post seems bang on.

    Reading TFA, note that the article isn’t at all about converting your haunted house effects from electric. The author mentions that, in his experience, pneumatics are just easier to construct.

    Actuating anything heavy to move very fast requires lots of power. With an all electric system, you’re talking large, high current motors with some really big relays.

    By contrast, with pneumatics, you store up energy over time in a pressure tank using the small motor on the compressor. Every once in a while you trigger a solenoid to dump your stored energy (compressed air) through an actuator. Simple, safe, and effective.


    “your” != “you’re”.

  • Cory

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