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So as the MAKE Halloween blogger not a lot of stuff is supposed to creep me out, but this sure as hell did. Check out the video above to watch the super creepy MAKE kit in action.



  1. cyenobite2 says:

    Neat. I remember seeing this (or something like it at the last maker faire).
    I was looking at the link to the maker shed, and though “I’m not sure I could make one of these from your kit”… Perhaps a good idea is to include a 4-5 star rating system on the complexity of your kits?
    * – anyone who can read a manual can complete.
    ** – read a manual and use basic hand tools
    *** – manual, tools, understanding of electronics + solder.
    **** – Manual, tools, electronics, programing code
    ***** – You’re a maker deity capable of making anything!

    or something like that.
    Just a thought.

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