Make Pt1130
VoIPing the iPod Touch. How makers gave you the feature that Apple held back. From the column Maker By Erica Sadun…

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  • Bob

    You mention several times that the makers gave us something that Apple held back without mentioning what that thing is. Good way to sell magazines I guess! I’m sticking with my Blackberry :)

  • Bob

    VoIPing. The font makes it look like VoLPing (whatever that is). Ignore my previous comment.

  • Pierre

    If you’ve got a second generation iPod Touch, you could also buy the stereo headset that is available in the Apple store for $29,-
    It has a microphone that works on the iPod Touch 2G. Simply install Fring and you can make SIP / Skype VOIP calls. No jailbreak needed either since Fring is available through the Apple application store for free.