This hack shows how to stuff a Nintendo Gameboy inside the housing of a TI-83 series calculator. We’ve seen the cool things these calculators can be hacked to do, but we haven’t seen someone take it this far. Unfortunately, I think it would be more impressive if he got the TI-83’s hardware to play Gameboy games, rather than just soldering the keys to the original Gameboy’s controller. Oh well, still a nice site with lots of pics of the build.

GameBoy Color inside a TI-83 series calculator

  • IceBrain

    Yeah, emulating a 4MHz chip in a 6MHz would be pretty amazing :|

    I like those calculators, albeit a bit expensive for the hardware included. I’ve actually programmed several (though simple) games in TiBasic and that was really fun during boring math classes. The only thing they lack (besides more power :P) is some kind of RF for multiplayer games :)

  • bekathwia

    In high school I had a TI-86 that ran Super Mario Bros, but my classmates with the 83’s couldn’t use it. Also had multiplayer tetris.

  • Anonymous

    TI-89s can run Gameboy ROMs, but not TI-83/4s.

  • Anonymous

    should include multiplayer wireless to play across classroom with mates, it would cost a lot more and be difficult to add but it would be worth it, maths lessons = soo boring…