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Linsey Pollak drills out a carrot and turns it into a clarinet and plays it, live looping with a Boss RC20 to record 3 layers….from his solo show “Making Jam”

Wow – I thought you coud only get tone like that from a gourd! [via Boing Boing]


Handlebars as wind instrument

Collin Cunningham

Collin Cunningham

Born, drew a lot, made video, made music on 4-track, then computer, more songwriting, met future wife, went to art school for video major, made websites, toured in a band, worked as web media tech, discovered electronics, taught myself electronics, blogged about DIY electronics, made web videos about electronics and made music for them … and I still do!

  • Dan

    He just drilled a buncha holes and ended up with perfect tuning? That’s gotta take some practice, no?

  • no

    he replaced the least functional part. its just a tube. make a reed and mouthpiece out of a carrot. tastes beta-carotene-y.

  • Michael

    Orange was the color of her instrument