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6 Responses to Sprout in your toilet

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  1. Maybe someone can put up a link to Dave Barry’s column, where he talked to a scientist who had studied bathrooms.

    Basically, he found fecal matter _everywhere_, on all surfaces, of the bathroom.

    Not what I want in my sprouts, personally.

  2. Gerrit Coetzee on said:

    What do you think food is fertilized with? fairy dust? 50 some percent of out bodies is dedicated to making poop. So it’s natural that poop comes in contact with everything,get over it. Stop watching and believing lysol commercials. Most bacteria, even bad bacteria, is something you’d want to come in contact with anyway Your body is designed to deal with it. Go out side, walk barefoot, eat a apple from a tree, and get the smell of cleaners out of your nose. Germs won’t kill you, but our germaphobic lifestyle will.

    -Gerrit Coetzee

  3. Anonymous on said:

    ecoli anyone? Because this food will be eaten raw this is an incredibly dangerous project.

  4. Gerrit Coetzee on said:

    Why is it dangerous? because it will be washed with chlorine infused water 3+ times a day? Mostly when growing sprout you only rinse them once every 24 hours, so I would venture as far as to say this is cleaner than normal. Plus did you know that e.coli is a bacteria which assists in digestion found naturally in the human digestive system, in fact e.coli begins growing in the stomach of a infant a mere 40 hours after birth. The reason people can identify fecal matter by the e.coli in it is because all animals have a host specific strain of e.coli in their bodies and it is able to survive out side the body for a bit longer than other bugs. Now, would I recommend eating the sprouts should someone with a wild pathogenic strain of e.coli use your bathroom? No, I wouldn’t, but even that is erring on the extreme side of caution. Plus, if you’re really worried just get some of that vegetable cleaner designed to remove natural fertilizers [POOP, lol] and bacterias from plants, because, you know, until the advent of chemical fertilizer poop was the only kind.

    -Gerrit Coetzee

  5. The chlorine in the water is likely to do more harm to you than whatever e.coli strain you might come in contact with.

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Whether or not it’s safe to eat, the idea of food being intimately connected with my toilet is disgusting. Would you eat a steak that your buddy pinched a log on and then whiped off, even if you were guaranteed that the steak was 100% safe to eat? I think not.

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