MAKE: Tokyo Meeting 02 was held on 11/8 at Tokyo’s Tama Art University, and the MAKE: Japan events just keep getting bigger, better, and wonderfully wilder. Here are a few highlights gleaned from the massive influx of pictures, video, and bloggings that this event inspired.


Here’s a video featuring four particularly awesome things from the meeting:
・Make: hat
・Air canon
・iPhone radio-controlled model car
・Homemade tank

Click through to see more!
Like the U.S. Maker Faires, this one was also fun for the whole family:

A young man controls an RC car with an iPhone accelerometer

A legion of green onion-waving Hatsune Miku‘s from the Niko-Niko Engineering Dept.’s Onion-waving Team. Don’t understand the leek-waving phenomenon? <- Check the link.

And why not get her to play the drums too?

Or ride a bike, while twenty people take pictures:

(Most of the above via Gizmodo Japan’s report of MTM 02)

There was a speedcabling competition. The winner studied other speedcabling videos in preparation for this event, and as you can see, it paid off.

Also on display: a 3D camera mounted on a UMPC
pc3dcam Make Tokyo Meeting 02

, a cart that’s controlled by a Wii remote. Web

MTM also had a performance portion, that included tech-creative guests such as RedFrik as well as Craftwife, the iPhone-controlled SuperCollider Kraftwerk tribute performed.
craftwife3 Make Tokyo Meeting 02
Video recording of her live performances is prohibited, so we are left with this:

Auto-feed Scanning with an old printer and some LEGOs

Higekita Lab’s Planetarium

3021132338 d23038d00c Make Tokyo Meeting 02

On the inside:
nagano4 Make Tokyo Meeting 02

A variety of colorful guests were in attendance.
3020602371 693128e192 Make Tokyo Meeting 02

The DIY tank from HyperPhysics, folks standing comfortably in front of its gun.
3020669569 8ca4d1bb25 Make Tokyo Meeting 02

3020708677 54275fd62a Make Tokyo Meeting 02

3020715989 51684cb2ae Make Tokyo Meeting 02

LED-endowed Day of the Dead Bags.
3021324100 734c9c2613 Make Tokyo Meeting 02

And of course, a collection of some Katamari Damacy amigurumi.
3021357562 88f3c3e420 Make Tokyo Meeting 02

Here’s a great video overview of MTM 02, complete with some rocking Tesla coils.

I’ll be posting more stuff from MTM 02 as it the internet pumps it in, so be on the lookout for more MTM 02 coverage. Got some pics or video of MTM 02 that didn’t make it here? Send it on over!

Photo sources:

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