Jens Wunderling created “at second glance” as a guerilla marketing system. It’s a POV system that relies on the fact that your eyes are constantly moving. The viewer will notice something unusual about the light strip when it’s first observed. Not until the viewer moves their head rapidly will the hidden message be visible.

More about “at second glance” by Jens Wunderling [pixelsumo]

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  • Pierre

    Poor knowledge of the human visual system, a large part of our visual input is actively suppressed during saccades. Hint : you can’t see your eyes moving when you look in a mirror. It will however work for smooth pursuit (an other kind of eye movements), so the race track example could work.

  • Chris Connors

    Just about every time I see led taillights at night I sense the flicker and move my eyes.

    How about combining this with the brake lights on your car so it displays an exclamation point ! or stop sign or slow down in vertical letters?

    Great video! I really like the 3 guys shaking their heads.

  • Jim Three

    I saw this at E3 in 2002 on the Sony Playstation stand. You could see it right from the back of tha hall It looked awesome, but you couldn’t get near the place as there were crowds of people shaking thier heads just like in the video :)

    • Marc de Vinck

      Shaking heads was my favorite part too! Good stuff!