You can search for some magazines through Google Book Search new, of note… Popular Science, Popular Mechanics & Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. All of the magazines also have a map at the bottom so you can see where things were and/or mentioned, oh and some ads from Google – they are likely doing some type of revenue share with the publishers in that program. More info @ the Google blog.

Make Pt1432
Popular Science. Looks like they have 1890 to almost present.

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Popular Mechanics. Looks like they have 1900 to almost present.

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.


    Thanks for this article. I was able to find the plans for an audible tachometer that was in the December 1968 Popular Science.

    I built it 40 years ago when I was in high school, still making my electronic projects with vacuum tubes.

    I’m glad Make is around now to pick up the slack.