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These giant web 2.0 pieces of graffiti were not viral marketing, and found in locations ranging from Cambodia, Mali, and Vietnam. Although we’re not sure about their origin, we wonder if they stay true to their web 2.0-isms and are user-customizeable beyond a can of paint.

via Kjeft a!

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  1. A Maui Blog on said:

    No Twitter yet?

  2. ad astra on said:

    While they are graffiti, they’re not local graffiti – they seem to all be the work of this guy:, who apparently travels the world ( ) leaving graffiti as he goes. He lists this on his site as his work:

    Incidentally, Google translates from Norwegian far better than I expected.

    Additionally, it’s kind of annoying, though understandable, that MAKE doesn’t accept html code in its comments.

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