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This how-to describes making a refrigerator that uses 1/10th the amount of energy of a traditional refrigerator. The website has a link to a PDF with all the building details. This would be a really great addition to any home running solar power, since the fridge is a major energy hog.

More about a DIY super-efficient refrigerator

Marc de Vinck

I’m currently working full time as the Dexter F. Baker Professor of Practice in Creativity in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship Program at Lehigh University. I’m also an avid product designer, kit maker, author, father, tinkerer, and member of the MAKE Technical Advisory board.



  1. SKR says:

    Since it seems that most deep freezers are manual defrost, this mod will garner an added benefit, increased humidity. Auto-defrost in conventional combo-fridges creates a very dry interior environment that dehydrates produce. Produce should last longer in this mod. This is a common mod in the homebrew community.