The Plasticfanpiper lives up to his name demonstrating a homemade ‘membrane pipe’ apparently built from straws balloons, and plastic valves – must be a pretty sturdy build to stand up to the air pressure.
[Thanks, Stephen!]

A quick search for “membrane bagpipe” turned up this interesting how to –

The results produce a tone somewhat like a clarinet – quite nice actually.

  • Bicknell Studio

    Excellent presentation, and it has a great sound.

    I’d like to add additional pipes like the other guy’s to get that bagpipe-like sound (and drive everyone crazy!).

  • cyenobite2

    This is really interesting. Thanks for posting. PVC needs to get some sort of reward from the DIY community!

  • volkemon

    Wow! Much cooler sound than the looks would lead me to believe.