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John Park poses a kitty conundrum: Who’s going to feed the cat while you’re on vacation? Using a motor from an old VCR, he creates an automated feline feeder. While building this Make: magazine project, John learned that newer VCRs have safeguard technology, limiting access to the motor. Watch John as he demonstrates his solutions to this challenge.

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Download the PDF for instructions

VCR Cat Feeder on Make: Projects



  1. designswarm says:

    Am i wrong or this an original project by James Larsson?

  2. Phillip Torrone says:

    @designswarm – yup! many / most / all of our projects online, in video, on Make: television are likely based on something we’ve done in the magazine.

  3. Josh says:

    Those wheels they used looked cool. What are those wheels from?

  4. Make: television says:

    Our very astute technical adviser, Bill Gurstelle, passes on this note re: the wheels in the VCR Cat Feeder…

    I got them at Northern Tool.

  5. Marco says:

    Well, issue is that cats don´t necessarely need food to eat over a week-end.Fresh water is more important. Cool rig though but seems a little bit pointless unless it is for guidance of oppotunities of old VCR:s

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