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MAME cabinet with built in Dreamcast

This MAME cabinet is not like the others. It sports a built in Sega Dreamcast controller and the ability to play games from the discontinued console. Check out the detailed instructions and documentation on how it was built at the link below. Arcade Cabinet Project – Link Read more »

DIY Arduino Shield

Keith has a nice write-up about building his first Arduino shield. He admits the results aren’t exactly beautiful, but it works. When you don’t have enough time to order a proto-shield, make it! – Link Related: HOW TO – Arduino breadboard shield – $10 & 10 mins – Link Buy... Read more »

RFID Interactive Bowl

This is a very interesting project involving RFID’s: The Bowl is a simple media player that can be used by people of all ages, particularly young children. A bowl sits on the living room table and range of physical objects can be placed within it. When an object is placed... Read more »

DIY Newtonian Reflector Telescope

The website doesn’t offer a lot of details on the actual build, but there is a comprehensive parts list to get you started. I think most of our readers could figure out how to build it relatively easily, since most of the complicated parts were purchased. – Link Related: HOW... Read more »

Beer pouring robot

Not only is this robot beautiful, it dispenses beer. Most of the parts were salvaged or purchased from McMaster-Carr. It’s remote controlled, and allows the operator to speak to the person being served. Do you think the bot checks ID’s? – Link Read more »