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G1 and iPhoto

Every time I plug my G1 phone into my Mac to download photos, iPhoto shows me only the videos that are on the phone, and I have to manually drag the photos from the Finder to iPhoto. It’s only a minor annoyance,but fortunately the fix is very simple. If you navigate to your G1 in the Mac OS X Finder, you’ll see that the DCIM folder (the usual home of photos on a digital camera) is titled “dcim” (lowercase). I made it uppercase, unmounted and remounted it, and iPhoto popped up with a list of the photos on the phone, ready to import.

Brian Jepson

I’m a tinkerer and finally reached the point where I fix more things than I break. When I’m not tinkering, I’m probably editing a book for Maker Media.



  1. Joe says:

    For some reason this does not work for me, with iPhoto 09.

    Could there be any more “magic” settings which prevent this from working?

  2. Brian Jepson says:


    Thanks for reporting this; I haven’t tried iPhoto 09 yet, but when I finally upgrade, I’ll certainly look into whether this can be solved because it will drive me nuts otherwise.

    - Brian

  3. Joe says:


    No idea if it has to do with iLife ’09 or localized versions of either Android or iPhoto (Dutch market and NL locale respectively), but I found a work-around:

    Just create a symlink from subdir camera to some well known images dir, e.g. 100NIKON – works for me.


  4. Brian Jepson says:

    @Joe, thanks!