Craving a toasted marshmallow but frustrated by lack of a proper campfire coupled with an annoying inability to rotate the marshmallow evenly? Henry has cooked up an Instructable for a lovely, single-serving Arduino automatic marshmallow roaster using a beeswax candle and a stepper motor from an old printer. Yum!

  • Roofus86

    Not to be too critical, because I’m sure it was fun, but was the arduino needed? I can imagine doing this much simpler with only a few parts I have just laying around. POT, DC motor, switch, battery holder… Can’t imagine needing much more. Maybe a simplified version of this would be fun to start young kids with?

  • Henry

    The reason I used an arduino was because I didn’t have a standard gearmotor and I needed a motor driver to control the stepper. I could have done it with just a motor and a switch, but with the motors I had it would spin way too fast. I also wanted to be able to add other things (buzzers/leds) to show when it was done.