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Instructables has a really nice how-to on building your own “Mr Fusion” ala Back to the Future in order to allow your car to run on garbage. This mod uses a Honda Accord to do the trick creating a “gasifier” which basically converts any “any solid dry organic matter into a clean burning, carbon neutral, gaseous fuel”. Check out the link below on how to build this and scare the hell out of your neighbors.

via DVICE via Instructables



  1. Carbon Idiot says:

    You’re taking carbon that’s trapped in trash and returning it back to the atmosphere? And that’s carbon neutral?

    What, do they plant a tree every time they go driving?


  2. Away says:

    Biomass production itself removes Carbon from atmosphere.

  3. Double Carbon Idiot says:

    Would you rather they continue to use carbon that’s been trapped in the Earth’s crust for however many hojillion years, or carbon that was relatively recently trapped in trash?

  4. gunterhausfrau says:

    using trash for fuel is a good idea, but not carbon neutral from my understanding of the def. If the definition is how long the carbon was sequestered then what is the cut off? if it is solid->gas then any combustion is not carbon neutral.

    my favorite quote from 2008
    “If I see one more corporation declare itself ‘green,’ I’m going to start burning tires in my backyard”

  5. Jack Dubious says:

    I wonder if the EPA has a rating for dignity.

  6. lilpoppa says:

    it converts organic matter to a burnable fuel. that is carbon neutral because it releases the same amount of carbon dixoide as the natural decay of previously stated organic matter.

  7. lilpoppa says:

    ok lets define carbon neutral. biomass releases co2 and methane gas when it decays, when you can burn biomass as a fuel it releases co2 in the same amount as the biomass decaying, hence carbon neutral. do some research before you shoot your mouth off or people might confuse you with a democrat