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Here’s another tube amplifier kit that is pretty easy to build with some basic electronics skills. These amps make nice living room ornaments although the transformers on the top should probably be avoided if you have young children.

via UnPlggd



  1. Brad says:

    The tube sockets are at least as dangerous, assuming that the tube plates are biased at normal high-voltages. It’s a really pretty type of construction, just keep away from the kids if they’re the fiddle-y type (until they’re old enough to start building their own…)

  2. DSchrubbe says:

    I’ve been looking for this kit for a few months, but it looks like S5 discontinued them. Anyone know where I can find a similarly-priced, and equal-quality kit? If not, are there any good quality schematics and part lists?

  3. Jim says:

    Interesting, I could use one ill have to try and find it. good post.