Panoramic photos in Linux


If you plan your panoramic shot sequences just a bit, there are some great Open Source tools that will help you to stitch the photos together into a single panoramic image. Here’s a great tutorial on using Hugin and Autopano in Ubuntu to automate the alignment, correct for lens distortion at the seams, and adjust exposure levels.

I keep seeing these commercials for Windows Vista and their new panoramic photo maker. Knowing how the Linux hacker scene is, anything that someone makes there is almost guarenteed to be a Linux project to make something close. Well guess what, there is a really easy way to make panoramic photos from multiple still shots in Ubuntu! Further, not only am I going to tell you how to do this, I will show you with some shots of my own.

I’ve actually used these same tools on the Windows side as well, but getting everything installed and set up is a breeze in Ubuntu. The tools correct for a lot, but for best results it always seems to work better for me if I use a tripod and set everything to all-manual so that the photos don’t have any major exposure or perspective differences.

Do you have any recommendations for producing the best panoramic photos?

Panoramic photos in Ubuntu

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