kitengela011809 7 The beauty of poo glasskitengela011809 4 The beauty of poo glass
kitengela011809 1 The beauty of poo glass
kitengela011809 2 The beauty of poo glass

Afrigadget had a piece about this art colony near Nairobi National Park, called Kitengela Glass. They use local artisans (and train new ones) to make and sell items from recycled glass, metal, and other materials. From the Kitengela website:

They try to help their locale as much as possible – over fifty people have been trained and work in the various disciplines, a local orphanage is being supported, scholarships awarded, school fees loaned, roads repaired and security improved, a thousand trees planted, raw materials and fuel recycled, and all the packaging is second hand.

To create the energy they need to melt the glass, run their forges and kilns, etc. they use methane gas from animal waste, including human waste that they collect from special art outhouses on the property (designed to be especially inviting, so users will stick around as long as they like). Arfrigadget’s dubbed it “art from fart.”

Kitengela Glas
s [via Afrigadget]

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