In this ‘Toolbox’ segment, William Gurstelle demonstrates a dizzying array of applications for cable ties. Got any other “multi-tasking” tools? Let us know.

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  • Joe Morgan

    Though not as universally praised as the humble duct tape, zip ties are easily one of the greatest fix-all products in the world. When I moved out on my own (and away from my father’s giant tool collection) a giant container of zip ties was one of my first purchases.

  • Joe Blow

    Hardly a dizzying array…
    Come on, Make. I know you can do better!

  • synthfiend

    I have totally fallen in love with AstroGrip from Hosa. It’s basically asexual velcro – one side of it sticks to the other side of it, as opposed to true velcro which requires a separate “hook” piece and a “loop” piece.

    VERY handy!

  • ….

    Cable ties…!?!?!?
    At this rate the next tool on Maker to Maker is going to be the hammer, or maybe the saw.

  • Thuli

    You can use a cable tie or two to attach a gas bottle to something. Oh dear I think I’m getting dizzy. Oh….dear