MAKE subscriber Charles writes in about his electric shopping cart project called the “LOLrioKart”. The cart is equipped with “a cache of massive aircraft wet-cell NiCd batteries” and a 15 hp electric motor. The website has a nicely documented build log, which is great for anyone looking into making an electrically driven vehicle. Thanks Charles!

What originally started as a whimsical attempt to strap a set of large nickel cadmium batteries, discovered in a dusty back room, to something – anything – has turned into a full-fledged ambitious engineering project.

More about LOLrioKart: Electric shopping cart racing

  • Kent KB

    I made a 250 watt solar charged “Scootr Cart” for last years Maker Faire SF Make Play Day:

    It was powerful enough to drag me around and faster than I wanted to go, I cannot imagine the brute power of this cart!

    • Marc de Vinck

      That looks really cool. Thanks for the link.