Giant image of inside the Space shuttle cockpit – a real space ship, gorgeous…



  • Marc Ramsey

    Seems odd that the artificial horizon displays aren’t matching the horizon outside the windows…

  • txinkman

    Marc, maybe they need gravity to work. You know for landings on earth. Although I certainly haven’t been there, I’m pretty sure space is somewhat lacking in horizon lines.

  • Simon

    That’s a simulator, and the image in the windows is fake. In reality, a camera wouldn’t see the stars (too dim relative to the Earth), though your eyes might if you squint.

  • Andy L

    Check out the center overhead panel.

    The fourth gauge from the left, left-hand indicator, is labeled “CABIN PRESS”. It’s indicating zero. Someone should probably look into that.

  • ntmid8r

    This image was taken immediately after the first shuttle got the new ‘glass’ cockpit. If I recall correctly, it was Columbia during her last overhaul in Palmdale. Someone photoshopped the space image into the windows. The biggest give away to most folks who work on the shuttles was that the heads up displays were cut out of the image. There should be glass and frames in front of the pilot and commander windows. The HUD controls are still there. Congrats to all you folks who caught the other tip offs. I have a large poster of this image from Boeing or NASA; can’t remember who I got it from.

  • Crispin

    I wonder if I couldget my Arduino hooked up to something in there. :p