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I’m going on G4TV’s Attack of the Show tomorrow, Wednesday 28th at 7pm ET. I’ll be bringing along the Burrito Blaster, cigar box guitar, and pole-mounted camera rig. It’s like show-and-tell, only with Kevin Pereira, instead of Mrs. Masten’s fourth grade class!
Check your cable listings for other times, it’ll repeat during the night and the next day. It should be pretty exciting; Kevin wants to feed someone a burrito fired from the air cannon. Hide the children.



  1. Anonymous says:

    That looks awesome! I wish I hadn’t missed that episode. But back then I wasn’t really watching Attack of the Show very much. I had FiOS and they only offered G4 in standard def. I know, I’m kind of spoiled but what can I say? Now though being a subscriber and employee of DISH Network not only do I get G4 in HD but I have a huge selection of other channels in high definition as well. I love it. And combine that with the fact that DISH offers so many other great deals like HD free for life and alternative ways to view programming via and TV everywhere and I’m not going to ever be going back.

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