These “Anti-Theft” lunch bags are regular plastic sandwich bags with black splotches on them so they are made to look like your lunch is spoiled. Interesting idea for a built in anti-theft device for your lunch although we’re not sure if people actually steal these types of sandwiches anymore.

via Design Spotter

  • Eddie Edwards

    They won’t save your lunch from being thrown in the bin. If we found that in our fridge at work that’s where it would end up.

  • Joe

    Man, what kind of bottom feeder do you have to be to go into the kitchen and eat someone elses lunch.

    I’m not even talking about liberating a little bit of ketchup, etc. But a lunch?

  • Alessandro

    I recall the days at school when a friend of mine had his lunch stolen quite often. One day he spread the words that he had put some strong laxative in his stolen lunch. He hadn’t done so, actually, but it was enough to spot the scared thieves lining up for the bathroom !

  • Chris W

    In an office refrigerator, a moldy sandwich is surely headed for the trash. Some people at work have been banned from using the refrigerator because they let their food go bad.

  • David M

    …always cut down the thievery where I worked…

  • the one who blogs

    Is sandwich stealing such a big problem we need bags like this?

    What part of the world is it intended for?

    Anyway, if I put a sandwich in a bag like that in the company fridge then one of my colleagues will surely dispose it, so it’s not a very good solution.