Here’s a neat post about growing shiitake mushrooms. Looks like you don’t have to do much other than keep the log moist after initial setup:

Some of the most expensive and delicious gourmet mushrooms on the market are shiitakes, which also are credited in Asia with healthful properties such as lowering cholesterol and improving immunity to cancer. They are simple to grow in logs and take about 6 to 18 months to emerge. They can fruit in a wide range of temperatures, from just above freezing to nearly 90 degrees F. To grow shiitake mushrooms on logs, the process is as follows.

(via Chelsea Green)

Luke Iseman

Luke Iseman

Luke Iseman makes stuff, some of which works. He invites you to drive a bike for a living (dirtnailpedicab.com), stop killing your garden (growerbot.com), and live in an off-grid shipping container (boxouse.com).

  • Patti Schiendelman

    I started some logs last spring – it was really easy!

  • Anonymous

    This can be done MUCH quicker and much more efficiently. Glad to see there’s an interest in growing your own mushrooms though!

  • Michael Fusion

    err, hey anonymous, care to share some more info other than the eponymous:

    “This can be done MUCH quicker and much more efficiently.”

    that’s kind of like saying “my dad can beat up your dad”