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Coraline 3D printing

Brief, but interesting article about the rapid prototyping technology used in the new stop-motion feature film Coraline. The Objet RP Polyjet technology uses photopolymer resin that is housed in cartridges and sprayed down in extremely thin 16 micron layers, four times thinner than the average human hair. As it’s sprayed... Read more »

An AVR-based logging wattmeter

Dan made an AVR-based logging wattmeter… He writes - This device monitors household power usage and logs it to an SD card. A simple analog front-end amplifies the signals from voltage and current detectors and an ATmega168 microcontroller computes the power consumption using the formula P=V*I. The voltage and current... Read more »

Roll your own stereo turntable

The thought never occurred to me: scratch-building your own turntable. Paulo Rebordao writes: This is a record player complete with a servo controlled arm that I’ve designed and built during the last 10 months. It has a few unusual features and I think it looks Way Cool!!! Besides some general... Read more »

Fly Plane

Yikes, someone made a real “Fly Plane“. Not every cute illustration should end up “real” :( – Spatula writes - After coming across this lovely image depicting the construction of a fly powered matchstick airplane, I had to try it for myself. Here are the flies, trapped within their impenetrable... Read more »

jsSO: Flash shared objects in Javascript

Without polling the server, an expensive operation, there isn’t a simple way send a Javascript client frequently updated server data. This is a problem if you want to make a multiuser game or chat application in Javascript. A post on ajaxian proposes a solution: Daniel Prieler’s jsSO library, which proxies... Read more »

The Paper Architect contest winners

We have our five winners for the Crown Publishing giveaway of The Paper Architect. They are: Kelly Faerie Sleep Goblin Daniel Dorsen WoofBoy111 Richard Kaufman Congrats you guys! I’ll send you an email and you can return your mailing addresses. And after you make some of the projects in the... Read more »

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