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The “Tweet-a-Watt, A twittering power meter” project that Limor Fried and I designed was selected as a “top 50″ design for Greener Gadgets – if you like this project please vote for us. Last week we released the how-to, schematics and source – and have live charts!

The response to this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition was phenomenal. Entries came in from all over the world, and we were thrilled at the display of creativity and (deep) green design thinking. We’ve just published the Top 50 Semi-Finalists, and wanted to send this email to express our appreciation for your registration and participation. Congratulations to the designers who made it this far, and thanks to everyone for signing up and for sharing your designs with GreenerGadgets. We invite you now to visit the Top 50 Gallery at www.core77.com/greenergadgets and to vote for your favorites. Tell your friends, leave comments, and help the judges decide which entries will make it to the stage for the live judging at the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City on February 27th. Thank you again for entering, and good luck to the Top 50!


Project links:
Tweet-a-Watt, Build a wireless home-power monitoring system.
Soldering, schematic and more
The data parser
Data collection
Download (source)…

See it live!
Charts, we have them!

  • Schoschie

    A very interesting project. While I think the XBee modules and the rest of the hardware (and software, naturally) is available outside of the US, the Kill A Watt isn’t. At least not where I live, which is in Germany. Do you know of any other power meters that could be hacked in this way?

  • Phillip Torrone

    @Schoschie – since we published everything i’m pretty sure any off the shelf system in germany would work similarly

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