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Google opens mobile access to public-domain books

One of the great things about an iPhone or Android phone is being able to play Pacman while stuck in line at the post office. Sometimes though, we yearn for something more than just playing games or watching videos.

What if you could also access literature’s greatest works, such as Emma and The Jungle Book, right from your phone? Or, some of the more obscure gems such as Mark Twain’s hilarious travelogue, Roughing It? Today we are excited to announce the launch of a mobile version of Google Book Search, opening up over 1.5 million mobile public domain books for you to browse while buying your postage.

While these books were already available on Google Book Search, these new mobile editions are optimized to be read on a small screen. To try it out and start reading, open up your web browser in your iphone or android phone and go to

I found some fun science & math books there – good stuff.

  • suidae

    Good idea. I’ve been working through a Gutenburg copy of Moby Dick on my palm pilot while standing in lines.

    It’s actually a little disturbing to think I will stand in enough lines to make it through a big classic like that :/