Lisp Machine Keyboard

Joey deVilla has posted some closeup pictures of the Lisp Machine that he donated to HackLabTO:

The keyboard is bristling with modifier keys. Yes, we’ve all got shift and control, but most of us don’t have hyper, super, and meta keys. I have a guess as to what the network and local keys do.

HackLabTO’s Lisp Machine Keyboard

Brian Jepson

Brian Jepson

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  • Paul Betts

    …but we call them Windows-key and Alt, respectively :)

  • Mulad

    the “Windows” keys in Linux are often mapped as Super.

    I’m sure I couldn’t handle a Lisp keyboard — the backspace key is way too small ;-)

  • Silverman

    I like the square, triangle, circle keys. Does anyone know what those do? I do not, however, approve of the unholy mixing of Optima with Helvetica.

  • foo

    Sure you can handle the Lisp Machine keyboard. Just use the fat RUBOUT key to delete characters.

    SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE are function keys left for the user.