Make Pt1746
Nice round up of “extraordinary uses for 16 ordinary household items” at Woman’ day, some aren’t that great – but there are few gems in there… via LoL.

  • Mike Coles

    Toothpaste in goggles can cause a burning sensation on your eyes.

  • mJohnHurt

    Am I too blind to see the link to the original article? I only see a link to the front page of LoL, which isn’t especially helpful…

    Even better, when you preview your post and then try to Submit it, there’s no captcha to enter, but upon submission you’re told you didn’t enter the captcha correctly. Outstanding.

  • Tester


  • Phillip Torrone

    @mJohnHurt – i’ve made sure the link is there and we’ve just fixed our captcha, at least it seems to –

  • Neil McGrath

    As well as getting removing scratches from a CD you can also use toothpaste to polish out any scratches from the glass on your wristwatch.