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Bike along with Ali Momeni and his fleet of mobile video projectors that transform public spaces into massive sound and light shows. In the Workshop, John Park combines a used treadmill motor and PVC pipe to build a wind generator, and William Gurstelle tests hardware on a giant trebuchet. The Maker Channel features a balloon organ, a ball-fetching autonomous robot, and a lie-detector wristband.

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  • Todd

    hi I just discovered Make on my PBS channel, and it’s FANTASTIC!! Just now exploring your website , & I love it!!
    Keep up the great work, everybody!! Thanks!!!

  • jamal

    the video was hard to understand for me. I was wondering if someone can email me the items and their dimentions listed here. ?


  • don

    Love the show!! love the wind generator,very creative!! one suggestion,to get a true and useful output measurement,it should be in watts,not volts.I’m not critisizing,just a suggestion.I’m not able to tell what it would be useable for without a wattage rating.Thanks and keep up the great ideas!!!!,Don

  • BillT

    Say we can’t find a 260VDC treadmill motor but rather a 130VDC, how should we change our plans to accommodate?

  • Daan Vervaeren

    Can you guys please send a link to those plans for the wind generator thingy ! Or are they already on this page , Cos I can’t find them ! I want them because we need to make a Integrated Project to graduate from secondary school, and it needs to be something mechanic an electric ! And I’m am thinking of the mini windgenerator , so PLEASE help me out with this ! thanks in AdvanceĀ 

    Daan VervaerenĀ 



  • tracy

    the treadmill motor flywheel is 19 inches round so what will that be evenly spaced 3 times , thanks for your help

    • Vinnie Dontinelli

      That would be 6 1/3″, but use a protractor and make it 120 degrees between each one.

  • Judd Reese

    I would love to know the tread mill you got the motor from or the model # and mfg of the motor.

  • Vinnie Dontinelli

    What RPM is best for this? I have some DC motors. Treadmill motor I have is 4460 RPM. This seems too fast – would never turn fast enough to produce power. What RPM is optimal??