This looks like it could be fun/dangerous. It might be fun to set them up in a big field and let the kids roll wild. Maybe get access to a dead mall and roll away. Kid hamster ball soccer anyone?

Have you ever seen these things in the wild? Do you have pictures? What is the process for getting the kids into and out of the ball? How would you make the ball? Join us in the comments and contribute your photos and video to the MAKE Flickr pool.

Chris Connors

Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.

  • Alex Barclay

    Hey, grownups want one of these too!!!!! Let me in on some of the action.

  • lordlce

    You can buy those things off ebay. Just search “human hamster ball”. They’re made in China.

  • Doug McCaughan
  • Holly

    Do the people inside get light-headed from hypoxia?

  • TheBigGroundhog

    Another video showing some brief entry and exit shots. Looks like it is inflated with a blower of some type (and is apparently pretty loud since the people are holding their ears).

  • BG

    I want to make one for my cat.

    Also, the prices for a human hamster ball are ridiculous. Come on, 900 bucks?! And that’s for a cheap one.

    I’d rather make one. Is it possible to do it out of plastic?

  • idiota

    Nothing new here.

  • jammit

    Zorb has been doing this for some time:

  • Quentin

    If you come to New Zealand you can do it going down a hill. They are called a Zorb!

  • Tim

    Zorbs have two concentric spheres so it isn’t too bumpy.

  • japroach

    So, who will be the first to calculate how many hours you can stay in that thing before you die?

  • Chris W

    Death by drowning will occur shortly after it pops if you can’t get out quickly.

  • ducksauz

    Wanye from the Flaming Lips is known to crowd surf in one of these during concerts.

  • zombieite

    So this is what China is doing for population control now.

    Also, “fundangerous” is a nice neologism.

    • Chris Connors

      It looks like they are sold under the trade name Waterwalkerz in at least a few parts of the world. Here is a link to some more info.

      The videos of Wayne crowd rolling are totally great.

      Zorbs look like fun too, a different design, maybe more durable on the ground. Having the entry port and the double wall is clever.

  • ~granny

    Hammacher-Schlemmer has been selling these for some years, and I’ve always wanted one for my grandkids to play in – they’d love it. Unfortunately they are a little pricey.

  • Andrew Akers

    As the inventor of the zorb I can tell you that a single skinned ball (although fairly easy to make) is not so much fun to use … it’s kind of ok initially and novel … but the hassle of deflating it, getting in and inflating it and sealing it and then running around with no fresh air as the ball gets wet and slippery with condensation is a major pain.

    If anyone is interested in zorbing with OGO (the new company that we are using to developing zorbing throughout the world) – check us out at:

    They’re not cheap enough for you to seriously consider purchasing one privately though sorry – we really only sell them to people for commercial applications.

  • blogman

    I always wanted to run down a hill in one of these but I guess there are smarter and safer things to do. What is missing so far is a giant Hamsterkäfig (cage) for all the human hamsters to run around in.

    • blogman

      That would make some kind of a great japanese amusement park. One party runs around in hamsterballs and the other party watches them making fools of themselves and poth pay. Great. For real hamster check:

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