Circuit City is going out of business, very slowly it seems. Have they started turning off their light, one at a time? Or is it there’s no money left for replacement bulbs? Is it a clever hack?

As seen in Boulder, Colorado last night.

Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty

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  • justDIY

    How is this (rather old news) at all relevant to the MAKE community? Perhaps an essay covering the subject of failures in commercial singage lighting, and how to re-make them better, faster and sronger?

  • indeed

    Yeah… I mean I probably see 2 or 3 business signs a day that have dead bulbs in a letter or two. Is the (not really so) amusing fact that it’s in a Circuit City sign really worth posting?

  • anachrocomputer

    This reminds me of a photo that a friend took of the Asda food market in Cribbs Causeway, north Bristol, a few years ago. The sign had lost a letter and read “Foo Market”.

  • h

    Pretty sure it’s just some kids + a BB gun!

  • Eddie

    This was worth a blog post and my PSP Power Brick wasn’t? :)