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  • Beerden

    Hmm, I was expecting a trip down memory lane with a story about a camaro with an 8-Track tape deck. Am I missing something? Maybe 8-Track is a geek code name for a retro car. All I see here is a cassette deck.

    Anyway, I love it when you open up some gadget and the important parts of a circuit schematic is there for you to see!

  • Kevin

    Who made this cassette player ?
    What is the brand and the model ?

    Was he successful with the repair ? What was the problem ?


    I too find it horribly titled. No 8-Track to be seen, just a 4 track (2 sides, each side has left+right channel = 4 tracks).

  • garethb2

    I think the “8-track” in the title is a mistake. I sent email to the Make: television folks for clarification.

    The point of the piece was not the repair itself, it’s about the care that the designers/engineers of this particular consumer electronics device took to allow the owner of it to fix (and modify) it regardless of what was wrong with it.

  • Make: television

    Thanks for the catch folks, sorry for the goof up!

  • Kevin

    @garethb2 : I understood that, but I’m still curious to know more about it.

  • Gareth Branwyn

    I think Nick from Make: television pinged Mister Jalopy. Hopefully we can get him to pop in here and answer your questions.

  • Kevin

    Thanks a lot !

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