In this Hidden Treasures segment, Mister Jalopy opens up his Chevy Camaro’s cassette player to show us the beauty and value of clear schematics for makers like him.

Check out Mister Jalopy’s blog, Hoopty Rides.

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  • Beerden

    Hmm, I was expecting a trip down memory lane with a story about a camaro with an 8-Track tape deck. Am I missing something? Maybe 8-Track is a geek code name for a retro car. All I see here is a cassette deck.

    Anyway, I love it when you open up some gadget and the important parts of a circuit schematic is there for you to see!

  • Kevin

    Who made this cassette player ?
    What is the brand and the model ?

    Was he successful with the repair ? What was the problem ?


    I too find it horribly titled. No 8-Track to be seen, just a 4 track (2 sides, each side has left+right channel = 4 tracks).

  • garethb2

    I think the “8-track” in the title is a mistake. I sent email to the Make: television folks for clarification.

    The point of the piece was not the repair itself, it’s about the care that the designers/engineers of this particular consumer electronics device took to allow the owner of it to fix (and modify) it regardless of what was wrong with it.

  • Make: television

    Thanks for the catch folks, sorry for the goof up!

  • Kevin

    @garethb2 : I understood that, but I’m still curious to know more about it.

  • Gareth Branwyn

    I think Nick from Make: television pinged Mister Jalopy. Hopefully we can get him to pop in here and answer your questions.

  • Kevin

    Thanks a lot !

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