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MAKE subscriber mtbf0 used a MiniPOV kit to create this rather sweet UV printer –

This is a video of a phosphorescent text display that needs a name. It’s a minipov3 board with uv leds. It has a built-in 5×7 font and room for over 900 characters of display text. When passed over a phosphorescent surface it deposits glowing strings of text which then, slowly, fade away. The firmware provides simple examples of the use a timer interrupt and powersaving features on an attiny2313.

Hmmm … UVPOV? … miniPOP(persistence of phosphorescence)? POGlow? Whatever it ends up being named, it would likely make for intriguing art installation – the fading text adds a somewhat eerie ‘living’ quality to the message. The AVR source is available for download from Google Code.

In the Maker Shed:
Makezinepov Crop
MiniPOV kit

Collin Cunningham

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