mshed Maker Shed weekly wrap up

This week in the Maker Shed we introduced the new Arduino Duemilanove and the Doomsday Sound kit. Also, we posted our first Maker Shed survey so we can better understand our audience. It’s a great way to let us know what you like, and you can even enter to win 1 of 5 Maker’s Notebooks just by filling out our 5-minute survey. We have a lot going on in the Maker Shed so keep an eye out for more how-to’s, cool projects, and new products.


The new Arduino Duemilanove is available in the Maker Shed. It’s a big bump in memory, which will allow for even more amazing code. I know I can always use a little more room for storing variables, and the new ATmega328 is the perfect solution.

In the Maker Shed: New Arduino Duemilanove

Maker Shed video: Doomsday Sound Kit

mshed2 Maker Shed weekly wrap up

We want to learn more about you. Yes, you! So if you have 5 minutes, and like the idea of contest, take a look at this survey. You could win 1 of 5 Maker’s Notebooks that we are giving away, at random, to people who take the Maker Shed survey.

We ask for your email information at the conclusion of this survey for one reason: to allow you to enter yourself in a random drawing for gifts. Providing your email is strictly optional. Other than that, we do not ask any personally identifiable information, nor will we sell, rent or share your email address to third parties.

Want to make us really happy? If you win one of the Maker’s Notebooks be sure to mod it up a bit and send us a link. We love to post about customized Maker’s Notebooks.

Take the Maker Shed survey!

Marc de Vinck

I’m currently working full time as the Dexter F. Baker Professor of Practice in Creativity in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship Program at Lehigh University. I’m also an avid product designer, kit maker, author, father, tinkerer, and member of the MAKE Technical Advisory board.

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