The Memsic 2125 accelerometer from the Maker Shed is a low cost, dual-axis thermal accelerometer capable of measuring tilt, acceleration, rotation, and vibration with a range of ±2 g. It’s a great addition to many robotic projects, and is compatible with most micro-controllers, including the Arduino.

More about the Memsic 2125 accelerometer

In the Maker Shed:
Arduino Family
Make: Arduino

  • anon

    the spec sheet lists the range as +/-2g and the product description lists it as +/-3g

    • Marc de Vinck

      I will look into this right now to confirm to specs. Thanks!

    • Marc de Vinck

      OK, the specs from the manufacturer seem to be inconsistent with the data sheet. (we used their specs) I am going to change the info on the post and in the Maker Shed. Good catch!

      From the Data Sheet:

      It can measure magnetic field with a full range of ±2gausses and a sensitivity of 512 counts/gauss @ 3.0V at 25°C.

  • J. Peterson

    Here’s a nice project I did with the memsic:

    • Marc de Vinck

      That looks awesome. I’ll post about it soon! Thanks for sharing.