Etsy seller Digitalsoaps makes realistic replicas of game controllers in soap. I wonder if this will encourage epic gamers to bathe more often. Available in Xbox, Playstation, NES, and more. Via Geekologie.

Becky Stern

Becky Stern

Becky Stern ( is a DIY guru and director of wearable electronics at Adafruit. She publishes a new project video every week and hosts a live show on YouTube. Formerly Becky was Senior Video Producer for MAKE. Becky lives in Brooklyn, NY and belongs to art groups Free Art & Technology (“release early, often, and with rap music”) and Madagascar Institute (“fear is never boring”).

  • Cyla

    Hey, some of us gamers bathe on a regular basis! Sometimes we even have time away from our games to take a bath once a week! D:

  • electronic cigarette

    Wow, that’s a huge hunk of soap. Cute idea tho.

  • Ann

    I usually love your site. I often follow the links you list and bookmark them to revisit again and again. Today, I think your ‘edit’ button is not working. The very next posting in Geekologie after the soaps is profane. If I wanted to read smut, it is readily available without Craft linking me to it.
    Checking out the blogs that you recommend is just good practice.

  • Natalie Zee Drieu

    Hi Ann,
    We only can only control the post we link to to make sure the content isn’t profane. What they post afterwards is out of our control.

  • Anonymous

    thats just sad….but so awesome at the same time!

  • thephantombloggerstrikes

    Games that can be paused are great for the occasional bath or shower. :)