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  • Jay

    found a site detailing the creation of a raid array across 4 USB thumb drives attached to a hub. He apparently uses Linux to get the job done, so if that’s something you’re comfortable with, it might just get you a single drive letter out of the deal.

  • chris

    On a mac you maybe can make a raid array from the flash drives using jbod (i.e. have just 1 drive letter instead of 4).
    See this article:
    Use Disk Utility to Create a JBOD RAID Array

  • Grincheux

    As said Chris, it works fine on a Mac as MacOS can create a software RAID array. But such an array will only work on a Mac.
    It will be the same with Linux.

    This is because a simple USB Hub isn’t able to manage RAID, neiter store the configuration.