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After experimenting a bit with ARToolKit, melkaone came up with this intriguing demo for an augmented reality sculpting system with force feedback via Arduino –

As you can see, this is just a proof of concept, I only worked on it this morning, but I think it has great potential. However, I don’t have the knowledge / budget to do such work.

I can think of many ways to improve this :

  • Have some kind of deformable ball of clay, like what you can see in tools like MudBox or ZBrush

  • Use a solenoïd instead of the pager motor. This way, you’ll get a feedback in the axis of the pencil, not just a shaking sensation.
  • Maybe use a 3-DOF robotic arm to have the feedback, would be a lot harder to implement, but might be worth it.
  • Use a pair of stereoscopic goggles to get a better feeling (head “tracking”, perspective, etc…)
  • …

More project info available on his blog. The concept definitely shows potential, anyone care to collaborate?

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  • John Park

    wow, this is excellent, I’m very excited to see someone diving into this! I’ve used commercial haptic modelling tools before and they are pretty awesome, but quite expensive.

  • etharooni

    Wow! That’s awesome. I’m gonna have to try this for myself.

  • bman

    Its NOT that great

    You could have just used hand tracking to do the same effect with less code and less silica