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laserresist pcb Further adventures in PCB making with lasers
From the MAKE Flickr pool

Macetech shares details on removing PCB resist with a laser cutter –

It’s easy to remove most of the residue using water and a paper towel. I used to use alcohol because it removed the residue almost instantly, but I found that it also eroded the paint mask too much. Water alone doesn’t get enough of the residue off, so you need a very mild abrasive polish. The best I’ve found for the purpose is ordinary toothpaste, although I forgot to bring it to Techshop and used some plastic polish instead. This also works fine, but it has a wax which needs to be removed with a grease-cutting soap before you attempt to etch the copper.

His test board was a revised version of the Stealth USB Capslocker project. Read on for his specific settings for the Epilog and more process pics at his blog.

364696874 5b7bfc3b66 Further adventures in PCB making with lasers
HOW TO – Use a laser to etch PCBs (printed circuit boards)

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