From the MAKE Flickr pool

Marcus had a vision of wearable space invaders and set forth to make it a reality –

The whole project was inspired by Alex, especially his LED matrix projector and his tiny 64 pixel project. After some beers with Alex I claimed: “I can do it much smaller in SMT”. Silly me! Not that it was hard enough to build it in SMT, but I also wanted to do it in bi-color (I just got some small bi-color LED matrix laying around, waiting for a project) and I made some real design mistakes (but that is a story for another article). Additionally I wanted an design which still allows me to use the LEDs of the display as light sensor. That was nearly too much – but only nearly!

That’s some pro-quality SMD soldering – very well done! Here’s hoping that safety pin doesn’t bridge any connections. (As the maker points out, the pin is soldered safely in place.) Read more of the project on Interactive Matter.

  • Marcus

    Just a quick remark: The safety pin is soldered to the battery holder. If it touches anything it is ripped off anyway ;)

    • Collin Cunningham

      thnx Marcus – I see what you mean.
      (Yet for reasons unknown I still fear safety pins in general!)

  • linux-works

    looking good! I’ll probably buy one or two.