Gareth used Arduino + MotorShield to create Puff – the Magical Firefighting Dragon!

Puff is able to Put out Fires – He Scans his Head to find the Flames – he orientates towards the Flame – and Blows it out.

If he fails to blow out the Fire within 2 sweeps then the “PANIC” mode switches in and he backs away to save himself from frying his “Chips”.

Puff is an Arduino based tracked autonomus Robotic Vehicle with “Cliff” and “Obstacle” detection.

The bot uses 2 LDRs for flame tracking, plus infrared sensor for avoiding falls/collisions. (He also sports a nifty pair of glasses in the test videos. See more on the project page. [via adafruit industries]

In the Maker Shed:


MotorShield for Arduino Kit

  • Jeremy

    Interesting project, and I hate to be one of “those people”, but “orientate” is not a word. The word you’re looking for is “orient”. :)

    • Gareth Branwyn

      Hate to burst your bubble there, Jeremy, but “orientate” is absolutely a word and is an acceptable variant of “orient.” From the mid-19th century, and common in British English.

    • Ian

      Yes, Jeremy, thank you. I am a nurse by profession, and people are always saying “orientate” instead of “orient”. I think there are already too many needlessly long words (particularly in health care). Now, what can we do about “functionality”?

      On the other hand, I don’t want my word pet peeve to eclipse my appreciation for the article. Cool, thanks for writing about it!